What Causes Cracks In Your Fort Worth, TX Foundation?

Find Out What Can Cause Cracks In Your Fort Worth, TX Foundation

Fort Worth, TX homeowners often have issues with cracks in their homes’ foundation. Cracks in the foundation can lead to big problems for the whole house. But what causes these cracks in the first place? There are several possible causes of foundational cracks in Fort Worth, TX. In this article, we will examine some of the most common causes. These causes are:

·        Poor Construction

·        Soil Pressure/Settlement

·        Shrinking of Concrete/Mortar

We will also help you figure out what steps you should take if you do discover cracks in your foundation. This is a scary discovery for any Fort Worth, TX homeowner, but it is a problem that can be remedied.

Faulty Construction

One of the leading causes of cracks in Fort Worth, TX foundations is – quite frankly – faulty construction. This means that the Fort Worth, TX construction company that originally built the foundation performed shoddy work. Specifically, this likely means that the construction company used weak concrete and/or undersized footings when building the foundation. It could also mean that the construction company did not use adequate reinforcement.

Soil Pressure/Settlement

Soil in Fort Worth, TX has a tendency to expand, especially when it is wet. When the soil expands, it can put pressure on the walls of your foundation. Over time, this pressure can cause cracks—most likely horizontal or diagonal cracks. Likewise, a heavy Fort Worth, TX rain can wash away or compress the soil beneath your foundation. We call this “soil settlement.” Soil settlement can cause vertical cracks in your foundation. Soil settlement can also be caused by a water leak.

Shrinking Concrete/Mortar

Ft-Worth-concrete-foundation-repairAnother common cause of foundational cracks in Fort Worth, TX is shrinking concrete or mortar. Concrete/mortar can shrink over time, causing cracks in your foundation. In most cases, these cracks are miniscule, and do not compromise the integrity of your foundation. If you are concerned, however, you should take the steps outlined below.

What To Do If You Notice Cracks In Your Foundation

If you are concerned about cracks in your foundation, you should call a Fort Worth, TX foundation crack repair company. There are companies here in the Fort Worth, TX area that specialize in this exact service, such as Urgent foundation Repair. The first thing that one of these companies will do is inspect your foundation. The inspection will uncover the root cause of the cracking, as well as the severity of the damage. If repair is needed, your service technician will schedule a time for repairs. Repairs should be made sooner, rather than later, as you do not want the cracking to get worse. And one more word about the inspection: we recommend calling a Fort Worth, TX company that offers free inspection services. After all, why pay for this service when you don’t have to? Foundation issues can be scary for any homeowner, but with the right help, the problem can be fixed quickly and affordably.