Using the Right Tools to Do Basement Wall Crack Repair

Using the Right Tools to Do Basement Wall Crack Repair

Basement Wall Crack RepairBasements are a great aspect to many homes. They provide additional storage space on site and help with controlling temperature in the home. However, because of their very design, basement walls are subjected to a high amount of soil and water pressure, as well as freezing and subsequent thawing. These circumstances can cause basement walls to crack .
Thankfully, many minor basement wall cracks can be repaired by the homeowner themselves with the help of some basic tools.

Your Toolkit

To repair most minor basement wall cracks, you will need a caulking gun and an epoxy-based resin. To seal cracks between concrete blocks, you will place the tip of the epoxy tube into the crack and squeeze the trigger along the length of the crack.
Sometimes, the crack is deep enough to require two or even three applications of sealant. Instead of applying all the layers of sealant in one run, allow the first application to dry and cure fully before continuing to the second and subsequent runs.

What to watch for

Vertical cracks are a mostly-normal part of basement ownership; in most cases, these cracks can be repaired in the manner described above without too much issue. However, horizontal cracks, or cracks that continue from the wall to connect with cracks in the floor or ceiling could point to a deeper structural issue. Rather than attempting a repair on your own, it might be best to call in a professional.

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