What Does Tunneling Have to do With Foundation Repairs?

The Tunneling Process

Tunneling can actually be one of the most cost effective and noninvasive ways for Urgent Foundation Repair to address your broken under-slab plumbing. We will go in and tunnel our way to the location of the direct plumbing issue; these tunnels typically measure about 3’ by 3’, giving our licensed experts the necessary room to make the repairs. When we have completed all repairs, we will then reinstall the dirt we excavated and then mudjack the void underneath your foundation to ensure there is minimal settlement in the future. This is a necessary step in the repair process to secure your foundation from any further compromise, both now and in the future.

Your Peace of Mind is Our Commitment

Your safety in the place you call home is the most important factor for us here at Urgent Foundation Repair. We have made a commitment to never sub-contract for labor, using only our professional, full-time crews with a minimum of five years professional experience in foundation repair. Under no circumstances will we compromise our high standard of quality. Our licensed experts are dedicated to giving you the peace of mind you deserve when choosing the best method of foundation repair. With over forty years of professional experience in the Dallas Fort Worth area, we pride ourselves in getting the job you need done without excess. We always complete the job correctly the first time, no exceptions.

Cutting Edge Technology and Tools

What Does Tunneling Have to do With Foundation Repairs?

At Urgent Foundation Repair, we are driven to provide our clients with unmatchable service using the most cutting edge technology and tools available. We always strive to maintain open and clear communication, as this is paramount to establishing trust and relationship with each of our clients. Many homeowners are experiencing severe erosion in their foundation due to fractures in the Texas soil caused by high concentrations of clay. Our licensed experts help homeowners across the state find the best fit for their needs on foundation repair, no matter how great or small.




Transferable Lifetime Warranty

At Urgent Foundation Repair, we have the utmost respect for our licensed professional experts and we back up all of our work with a Transferable Lifetime Warranty. We know the value you place in your home, making your investment our investment. We consider you a part of our Urgent Foundation Repair family, and consider it an honor to be part of your family.