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Expert Foundation Repair & Maintenance Services in Watauga

Watauga, Texas Foundation Repair Experts

The soil of Watauga, Texas is known for having more clay in its composition, making it more prone to drying, cracking, and causing severe foundation damage because of its lack of drainage. However, as a homeowner, when you know you have a reliable and professional company to help with your Watauga foundation repair, the peace of mind you gain will become your most prized asset. With our experts here at Urgent Foundation Repair working with you side-by-side, you are guaranteed not only of our commitment to your foundation repair but also of our dedication to providing you with the best preventative care.

Warning Signs

Having a secure foundation is priceless; so is having a professional and experienced team for your Watauga Foundation Repair working alongside you. We make sure there is no guesswork in assessing the problem and planning for a solution. Not knowing is what makes homeowners put off the repairs, but this is one of the most dangerous things you can do. At the end of the day, your home is talking to you, and we are here to help you understand what it is saying. Let’s take a look at a few common warning signs:

  • Cabinets that do not close or no longer align
  • Interior doors that no longer close or scrape the floor
  • Cracks in the interior and exterior of the home in walls and bricks
  • Gaps between your garage and pavement

Watauga, Texas Foundation Repair Experts

Your Watauga home, like your family, has its own language. Here at Urgent Foundation Repair, our trained experts are not only capable of hearing what your house is saying but are also licensed to assess what needs to be fixed with minimal disruption to your daily life. Waiting to contact us could create potentially dangerous conditions for you and your loved ones. Let our crew, comprised of licensed professionals with a minimum of five years’ experience, be your guide to securing the foundation repair of your home and providing you with the best care and service in the industry.

We Guarantee Our Service!

Urgent Foundation Repair comes with the guarantee of over forty years’ experience. We never contract out our service, and we deliver impeccable results, every time. Because we value the sacrifice you have put into your home and family, we ensure our work with a Transferable Lifetime Guarantee. We are honored to be part of securing your family!

Concrete foundation repair

Sometimes, only a professional has the tools and expertise necessary to see the rot that is eating away at the foundation of your home. Your home is much more than the beautiful interior that you have made for you and your loved ones—and it is only as strong as its foundation. With years of use and natural deterioration, the part of your home you don’t see becomes considerably weaker.

We know the importance of a strong foundation. Each of our professional and highly experienced foundation repair teams is made up of trusted experts in repairing residential and commercial grade concrete slabs and pier-and-beam foundations. We are always respectful of your time and quick to perform the best quality repairs to your 100% satisfaction. We can repair force beams, rotted beams, floor joists and more while adding reinforcements to keep your home strong. As a fully insured and BBB accredited business, we know you can rely on our work!

Cracked Foundation Repair

Your home’s foundation is built to last the life of the structure. However, environmental influences can often reduce the structure’s stability on its foundation. Poured concrete is strong, but temperature swings and other influences can wear away at the bonded molecules.

We will not jump to conclusions when it comes to cracked foundations. We will look at the foundation from every possible angle. From crawlspaces to floor analysis, we will assess the foundation so that we can see the whole scenario. Several repair options may be involved, and then we will create a plan that works for any budget and damage level. You will not have to worry one bit as we will treat your home with utmost care and respect and make sure its foundation is as good as new when we’re done.

Slab Foundation Repair

All poured concrete foundations are naturally vulnerable to cracking. Concrete consists of cement, sand, gravel and water, and as the water in the slurry evaporates, the remaining ingredients cure in to a hard slab. Over time, the concrete will shrink and/or settle slightly, resulting in a cracked slab foundation.

In climates where there are extreme variances in moisture and/or temperature, the process of shrinking and settling concrete can be accelerated. When cracks develop in poured concrete walls, ground water can make its way through these cracks, causing damage to finished areas and personal property. There are a number of approaches for slab foundation repair and fixing cracks found in your foundation. These methods include core filling, steel beams and everything from crack fillers to tie-backs, each of which can work with a varying degree of success.

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