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Best Foundation Repair & Maintenance Services in Springtown

For many homeowners who live within the city limits of Springtown, Texas it has become clear over the past several years that there are fractures in their foundations due to the fact that clay soil is prone to drying and cracking from poor drainage, causing severe foundation damage. Thankfully, the experts at Urgent Foundation Repair know exactly how to repair your foundation with ease, ensuring an effortless process and preventing any future foundational issues. This creates security and comfort for you and your family.

Springtown, TX Foundation Repair Company

Your Investment is Our Investment

While we may be aware how important the foundation is to every relationship in our lives, we do not always equate that importance to the foundation of our literal home. At Urgent Foundation Repair, we seek to empower you, the homeowner, to have all the tools you need in order to have the peace of mind when understanding the foundation repair process. Your safety and comfort are our primary concern, and it is important that you know that everything from the soil to your roof is affected whenever you have fractures and cracks in your foundation. The financial investment you will need to make in order to secure the safety and stability of your home will greatly depend upon how swiftly you act to address these issues. This foundation repair process begins with you knowing what signs to look for, no matter how unique your particular situation may be. At the end of the day, your home is talking to you, and we are here to help you understand what it is saying. Let’s take a look at a few common warning signs:

  • Cabinets that do not close or no longer align
  • Interior doors that no longer close or scrape the floor
  • Cracks in the interior and exterior of the home in walls and bricks
  • Gaps between your garage and pavement

Springtown, TX Foundation Repair Company  Springtown, TX Foundation Repair Company

Your Satisfaction is Our Priority!

 For you to have the best options regarding your foundation repair in Springtown, it is in your best interest that you do not delay in contacting our professionally licensed contractors at Urgent Foundation Repair. With full-time, licensed and experienced crews, you can rest assured that we have the ability to provide the best labor and products to the Springtown, TX area. Because of our commitment to excellence, we guarantee that we will not sub-contract out the work we do. We believe so completely in our work that we proudly offer you a Transferrable Lifetime Warranty upon the completion of all our projects. Our service is second to none, and we always adhere to all local and state codes in our work. We are honored to have been chosen to help you keep your home and loved ones safe, making your investment, our investment.

Concrete Foundation Repair

We make integrity and results our top priority. We manage several teams of professionals, allowing us to fit your needs and your schedule. We offer a variety of solutions on how we can help solve your foundation problem in Springtown, Texas. Since no two structures are the same, a one-size-fits-all solution isn’t the answer. Our trained support team will evaluate the structure and provide the right solution to meet your needs. Sometimes, a simple epoxy injection is the ultimate solution. In other cases, the concrete damage is filled, carbon fiber material is installed to help protect the foundation’s structural integrity, and benchmarks are installed to monitor further movement or settlement.

Crack Foundation Repair

Discovering signs of foundation settlement and damage can be concerning for homeowners. All houses shift and settle as they age. Too much movement, however, can lead to permanent damage unless the foundation is stabilized. We know that a one-size-fits-all repair system doesn’t work for most homeowners. That’s why we engineered a system that can be tailored for the soil conditions, location, type of house and other factors at each unique property. Our estimators have been trained and certified by licensed structural engineers. They will talk with you, examine your foundation, and develop the best configuration to permanently solve your particular foundation problem. As a primary foundation repair company in Springtown, we offer a limited lifetime warranty with reoccurring annual inspections that will make sure your building is secure and stable for years to come. If you prefer to sell your home, we buy investment properties with severely damaged foundations.

Slab Foundation Repair

The foundation and its structural integrity is the heart of a home, and when it is compromised, the value of the property is greatly depreciated. No matter what your home is constructed of, whether it be wood, brick, concrete or even steel – no matter what type of walls and ceilings, roof, windows, and door or plumbing and electric you have, your entire structure relies on a professionally designed, constructed and maintained foundation. When foundations are first built they are very strong, but over time as they sit in the ground without proper drainage and protection, they begin to weaken until eventually they can fail under the pressure. If the foundation fails, all systems of your home are negatively affected.

Each issue will be individually evaluated in order to assess the best solution. For the most part, addressing these types of problems in the early stages yields the best results and may save thousands of dollars in further damage. Feel free to contact us right away for a free and no-obligation repair estimate.

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