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Best Rated Foundation Repair & Maintenance Services in Cleburne

The foundation of your home is what maintains the safety of you and your family. Each time your foundation suffers any type of fracture and crack, everything from the soil underneath your foundation to your tip of your roof is affected. Whether you respond quickly or not will play a significant role in the financial investment you will need to make for the safety and stability of your home. What makes the circumstances unique of your Cleburne Foundation Repair is the fact that the soil composition is made mostly of clay. The fractures are largely due to the extremes in moisture, with plumbing cracks and leaks contributing to the problem. Ultimately, these have compounded over time and set the stage for many homeowners who live within the city limits of Cleburne, Texas. The licensed experts at Urgent Foundation Repair know exactly how to not only repair your foundation, but also create a seamless process for assessing and preventing any future foundational issues.

Professional Foundation Repairs in Cleburne, TX

Consistent and Reliable Is Our Guarantee

By cultivating security and comfort for our clients within the discovery process of your foundation repair, our experts at Urgent Foundation Repair are fully committed to clearly explaining the step-by-step process we take to secure your home. This gives you peace of mind and security for your home and loved ones. The first step to gaining back your security starts with knowing what signs to look for, no matter how unique your particular situation may be. Let’s take a look at a few common warning signs:

  • Cabinets that do not close or no longer align
  • Interior doors that no longer close or scrape the floor
  • Cracks in the interior and exterior of the home in walls and bricks
  • Gaps between your garage and pavement

Your Investment is Our Investment

At Urgent Foundation Repair, we make sure that the repairs we make are second to none. We are fully compliant with Texas codes, and we always identify the source of the foundation issues and do not stop until they are completely resolved. We will accomplish this the first time, with excellence, simplicity, and with the focus of giving you the peace of mind that you deserve. With the promise of full-time, licensed and professional crews, we guarantee that you can be confident that at Urgent Foundation Repair we have the ability to provide the best quality labor and products to the Cleburne area. Our dedication to excellence, coupled with our solid belief in our work, affords us the privilege of giving you a Transferrable Lifetime Warranty upon completion of all our projects. At Urgent Foundation Repair, you investment in your home and security is our investment.

Concrete Foundation Repair

Cracked foundations is a common structural problem seen on both old and new homes, and it can affect a foundation regardless of where you live in the United States. But worry not, one of our management staff (or one of the owners!) will personally visit your Cleburne home, inspect your foundation, and be a part of the repair process from start to finish. Only an owner or expert management staff will evaluate if any foundation repair is needed for your house. This policy ensures you are dealing with someone who has first-hand knowledge of every aspect involved in concrete foundation repair and an expert in the foundation repair industry. If your foundation is not what it used to be, leave the restoration to us. Regardless of its damage, our team has always been successful in fully restoring all type of foundations to as good as new.

Leaving your foundation issues unaddressed is a huge risk— not only does this lead to greater and more expensive damages, but it is not safe. We work with the best tools, equipment, and materials in the industry to fully restore your foundation, saving both time and money on your foundation repair.

Cracked Foundation Repair

Cracks in a foundation can be caused from settlement, heaving, subsidence or from improper construction techniques or materials when the home was being built. It is important to get the damage evaluated by a trained professional to determine the cause and develop a protocol for the repair. The longer you wait to get your floor or wall cracks repaired, the more likely it becomes that water from the surrounding soil will seep inside and cause damage to your basement environment, including anything that you may have stored there.

But there’s no need to fear, we tailor our services to accommodate your unique home’s structure and needs. We provide service for both homes and commercial businesses. We offer a free on-site foundation crack repair estimate and will evaluate your property to find the root of the problem.

Slab Foundation Repair

A problem in your slab foundation can cause significant damage to the overall structure of your house. Luckily, for all slab on foundation issues, there is a solution. We specialize in slab foundation repairs at cost-effective prices.

We complete all slab foundation repairs using the best practices and methods. With cutting-edge technology, our trained experts bring successful solutions to your damaged and faulty foundation, without disturbing your day-to-day life.

Regardless of how big or small the issue with your slab foundation is, our team has you covered. You can rely on our hands-on and professional staff to tend to your repairs in no time. Call us today to set an appointment with our specialists.

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