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BBB Accredited

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Fully Insured

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Lifetime Warranty

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40 Years Of Experience

Experienced Foundation Repair & Maintenance Services in Bedford

Theres Something In The Soil

Most homeowners in Bedford are aware that the soil has much more clay in its composition than many other cities. This fact makes the soil around your foundation more prone to drying and cracking, which can cause severe foundation damage. Most of this is due to lack of drainage, because too much water (or too little) will create severe compromises in the composition of the foundation itself. The licensed and professional experts here at Urgent Foundation Repair Company will work with you side-by-side, offering you our guaranteed commitment to not only helping you navigate your immediate needs with your foundation repair, but also providing you with preventative care for your foundation and its surrounding area. We will work with you to help you understand your and to answer any questions you may have.

Bedford Foundation Repair ProsBedford Foundation Repair Pros

Bedford Foundation Repair ProsBedford Foundation Repair Pros

What to Look For

 Let’s go over a short list of the basics on where to begin looking for signs of foundation repair in your home:

  • Cabinets that do not close or no longer align
  • Interior doors that no longer close or scrape the floor
  • Cracks in the interior and exterior of the home in walls and bricks
  • Gaps between your garage and pavement

Knowing you have a secure foundation under your Bedford home is priceless. Often times our fear is simply the uncertainty of the unknowns in our lives. You should not be facing that with the foundation repairs needed on your home. Our licensed experts at Urgent Foundation Repair make sure all your questions are answered and that there are no more unknowns when it comes to what is wrong, how to repair it, and what preventative measures can be taken to ensure safety. Our crew of licensed professionals all have a minimum of five years’ experience using the best practices in the industry, and they are here to be your guide in repairing your foundation today. Any delay will only cost you more in the future, because the compromises to your foundation will only continue to grow rapidly the more time that passes.

We Take Pride in Our Service!

 With over four decades in professional experience, we strive to bring you the greatest peace of mind. Urgent Foundation Repair comes with a Transferable Lifetime Guarantee in Bedford. We consider it an honor to be part of securing your home and family, and we do not take lightly the investment you are making to keep your loved ones safe, making your investment, our investment!

Concrete Foundation Repair

Concrete foundation repair can be a scary process for many homeowners and business owners. Rather than worry, let us do an altitude check for your Bedford home or business. We use scientific methods to determine where the problem lies. If the foundation does need repair, your home or business will be safe in our experienced hands. Our team of highly trained professionals is devoted to making the process as worry-free as possible, and we understand that your top priority is getting your home or facility fixed correctly. We have the specialized products, equipment and professional experience needed to do just that. We provide customers with outstanding service and our experts walk each customer through the entire process so that there are no surprises. Our aim is to select the right foundation repair solution for your problem.

Cracked Foundation Repair

Our services evaluator will look for signs of foundation problems, taking into account soil structure, cracking, age of the foundation, and the complex interaction of the foundation with its surrounding environment. Only when all of these factors are taken into account is it possible to develop a proper foundation repair plan that draws upon the best combination of repair methods, including various underpinning methods, drainage solutions and root barriers. No matter what your concern—for home or for business—you can be confident that we will diagnose the problem and offer you the best, most cost-effective solution in Bedford, Texas. It’s been more than 20 years since the company was founded, and today with a growing team of dedicated professionals, we still maintain a focus on the most important aspect of our business — you. We understand that your top priority is getting your home fixed correctly to restore your home’s safety and value.

Slab Foundation Repair

Your home is your life. Don’t let your life be destroyed by foundation problems. We’ll remove all the stress and anxiety surrounding your home’s foundation. We perform lifetime guaranteed slab foundation repairs for residential and commercial customers with un-level structures. We repair slab foundations, pier and beam structures, and block and base structures.

We always have fully-trained employees on staff and a supervisor on site. We carry general liability and workman’s compensation insurance on our employees. Our crews are very thorough, and from start to finish will treat you and your home with the maximum care and respect. Our testimonial letters admiring about our teams. Our work comes with a lifetime warranty. We have a highly trained full time service manager on staff, who’s primary role is to address all service-related issues punctually.
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