How To Spot Foundation Issues In Your Benbrook, TX Home

Learn How You Can Spot Issues With Your Benbrook, TX Foundation

Benbrook, TX home foundation issues can sometimes be obvious. Large horizontal, vertical, and diagonal cracks, for example, are typically easy to spot. Other signs of a foundation problem, however, can be a little more difficult to spot. In this article, we will examine some of the more subtle signs of a foundation problem. We will also tell you what steps to take when you notice these warning signs. Read below to find out more.

Pay Attention To The Windows And Doors

Like the proverbial canary in the coalmine, the windows and doors often provide the first signs of trouble with a Benbrook, TX home’s foundation. Believe it or not, windows that are difficult to open or close correctly could be the result of a foundation problem. Cracks in windows and shifting window alignment are other signs to look out for.

Benbrook, TX home foundation issues cause similar problems for doors. You should look out for:

·        Doors that frequently jam

·        Doors that are difficult to open/close

·        Doors that have shifted alignment

Of course, all of the above issues could simply be problems with the windows and doors themselves. Rather than trying to diagnose the underlying problem yourself, we recommend having a foundation inspection done immediately by a Benbrook, TX slab repair company.Ft-Worth-slab-repair


Sloping is something else that you need to pay attention to with regard to your home’s foundation. Problems with your foundation could cause your Benbrook, TX home to settle, and therefore slope. If you notice a dramatic increase in the sloping of your home – especially of the floors and staircases – it is time to start thinking about a foundation inspection. Speaking of your floors, it is important to note that gaps in the flooring, as well as loose flooring planks, can also be a warning sign of a bad foundation.

Water Below The House

If the home’s foundation is not holding up properly, water can seep through the cracks. That is why water buildup in your Benbrook, TX basement or crawlspace is another important warning sign to look out for. An important side note: water itself can damage your home’s foundation. That is because water causes soil to expand, which then puts pressure on the foundation of your Benbrook, TX home.

The Next Step

If you notice any of these warning signs, and especially if your notice several in combination, you need to get in touch with a foundation repair company. A local slab repair company will be able to come out and perform a thorough foundation inspection. And if you are worried that this will cost an arm and a leg, we have good news: there are Benbrook, TX companies that will perform this inspection for free. We recommend working with a company like Urgent Foundation Repair, that is fully licensed, insured, and an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau here in Benbrook, TX. This issue is too important to entrust to the wrong company.