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Foundation Repair Services Fort Worth, TXBeing the owner of the place you call home can be a very fun, and at times daunting, experience. Your home is where you both begin and end your day, see your dreams come true, begin new seasons, and create memories one day at a time. Having a firm grasp on your goals and how you go about achieving them is what keeps your world going round. Here at Urgent Foundation Repair, our primary focus is to take the guesswork out of maintaining your investment in your home. In this article, we will take a minute to go over the highlights of how to make sure your foundation is in its best possible shape.

 What Warning Signs Do I Need to Look For?

Throughout the United States, there are multiple climates and seasonal changes that affect the ground our homes are built upon. Within the Dallas Fort Worth area, the majority of the soil found in neighborhoods consists primarily of clay, and this can cause the strong possibility of shifting within your foundation and cause some red flags to alert you of potential issues.

With a drier climate for long periods of time, it is highly likely you will both hear and see indicators about your foundation’s stability. Below is a brief list of a few warning signs that may mean its time to take a closer look at the foundation:

  • Diagonal cracks along the corners of windows and/or doors
  • Cabinet doors are not closing
  • Front door and bedroom doors are not closing or scrape across the floor
  • Cracking within the exterior walls of your home
  • Windows difficult to open

This is just a beginning list of what you may be experiencing within your home that could be signs of more serious foundational repair needs.

How Do I Know Where to Begin?

At Urgent Foundation Repair, we specialize in taking the guesswork out of your home’s safety with your foundation. With over forty years of serving our community, identifying the needs of home safety in foundation repair is second nature to us. We have a lifetime guarantee of our services and we make it our mission to provide the most comprehensive and exhaustive process in assessing your specific needs in foundation repair. We do the hard work while ensuring that your unique circumstances are our top concern. We always deliver within a quick and efficient timeframe. Because this is what we do, and because this is who we are, you can be certain that your safety and the protection of your home is equally important as if it were our own home.

Concrete Foundation Repair

There are three primary types of foundations found in residential homes in Fort Worth: full basement, crawlspace, and slab. Typically, these foundations are built out of concrete due to its malleable properties and high durability. Over time, however, even sturdy concrete can crack and break. Thankfully, at Urgent Foundation Repair we have unique and thoroughly tested repair solutions to help!
Urgent Foundation Repair has built its business around helping homeowners handle their foundation repairs. Foundation cracks may worsen over time, widening and leading to a wet basement and serious structural integrity problems. In some instances, a foundation cracks is nothing more than an eyesore. In other instances, a fissure or crack is an indication of a larger issue which can significantly lower the property value of your home. Our experienced team is here to help you avoid the latter scenario and solve the problem early. The quicker we catch a crack, the sooner we can put a stop to the damage. That is why it is smart to call Urgent Foundation Repair the moment you notice a cracked concrete foundation!

Basement Foundation Repair

The basement in any residential home is at risk for foundation issues after a particularly severe rainstorm. If proper drainage is not place, excess water leaks into the foundation and weakens the structural integrity of the entire home. Not even concrete can withstand excessive water, and cracks will begin to form fast. There are warning signs, however. Homeowners would do well to regularly examine their basement, keeping an eye out for cosmetic damage, including sunken areas, cracks, and noticeable wet spots. You may also hear the sound of running water coming from seemingly nowhere.

Some common issues include:

  • An improperly built foundation
  • Drought and geological changes
  • Water damage
  • Earthquakes

If your home suffers from any of these common foundation problems in Fort Worth, please do not hesitate to schedule service with us. The faster we can dispatch a technician, the sooner repairs can begin. In most cases, we can have repairs completed promptly.

Gain Peace of Mind with Urgent Foundation Repair

While you may be thinking the warning signs you’re observing could be due to swelling in response to the weather, having the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your foundation is solid and not compromised is priceless. You can expect our Urgent Foundation Repair experts to take careful consideration of your specific needs, assess the necessary actions required to secure your foundation, all while providing a positive experience along the way. Urgent Foundation Repair is committed to giving clear and concise direction as to what preventative measures you can take to maintain the best case scenario in your specific location and your unique soil content. We look forward to serving you as part of our close community.

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