Foundation Repair FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About The Foundation Repair Process, What To Expect With Foundation Crack Repair, And Lifetime Transferable Warranties.

Q. Are you Insured?
A. Yes, Urgent Foundation Repair carries a comprehensive liability policy.
Q. Do you offer a warranty?
A. Yes, most work carries a Lifetime Transferable Warranty.
Q. Are you a member of the Better Business Bureau?
A. Yes, Urgent Foundation Repair is an accredited member of the BBB, with an A+ rating and zero customer complaints.
Q. What causes foundation problems in the first place?
A. Water is the one of the biggest causes of foundation problems. Either there is too much water near or around the foundation, or not enough. Check out our Maintenance page to learn more about how to properly water your foundation.
Q. How long will the repairs take?
A. Most jobs can be completed in one to three days. We take our time and get the job done right.
Q. How many people are on your crews?
A. An Urgent Foundation Repair Crew is made up of 4-7 members, including an on duty supervisor.
Q. Are your crews sub-contractors?
A. No. All Urgent Foundation Repair Crews are full time, well trained and experienced applicators.
Q. Will my landscape be disturbed?
A. The pier installation methods we use cause minimal disturbance to the home's surroundings. However, if bushes or plants have to be removed we will keep them watered and replace them in the same position they were removed from once repairs are complete.
Q. Do you have any references?
A. Yes, in addition to our Testimonials page, we're happy to provide a list of some of our previous customers that are happy to answer questions and tell you about the work we performed for them.

If you have any questions we haven't answered on our website, please give us a call or send us an e-mail with your questions. We are happy to answer them.

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