Concrete Pressed Piers for Foundation Repairs

Concrete Pressed Piers Are Optimal For Tight Budget

When seeking to repair your foundation on a tight budget, the most optimal solution for your home and peace of mind could be the concrete pressed piers method. At Urgent Foundation Repair, our licensed experts are dedicated to not only providing our clients with the most impeccable service with up to date methods and tools in Texas, but we are also laser focused on establishing trust and relationship during the process of repairing your foundation. Because many homeowners are experiencing severe erosion in their home’s foundation due to fractures in their clay soils, we at Urgent Foundation Repair have made it one of our top priorities to ensure your budget does not dictate your security.

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Concrete Pressed Pier Method

The method of using concrete pressed piers is one of the oldest currently used in the state of Texas. It is a popular method because it requires the least amount of drilling and stabilizing within the perimeter of the foundation, and because the hardest part of the installation is done off site. The concrete pressed piers are manufactured and cured before we even arrive to your home or business. While the time of actually installing the concrete piers is nearly the same for our steel process, the steps vary and make this process much simpler.

What You Can Expect From Urgent Foundation

Concrete Pressed Piers for Foundation RepairsNow lets unpack the process of what you can expect to see when Urgent Foundation Repair comes to repair your foundation. Our licensed professional experts will come and make an assessment of your property and look within your home to determine the source of the fractures. Keep in mind that during this entire process, you will have access to the information and be kept in the loop from start to finish. We pride ourselves on the fact that we leave nothing to chance and no room for surprises. After our assessment, we will then create the concrete pressed piers specifically for your home’s foundation. When we arrive to install, our full-time employees will carefully remove any vegetation and items needed to perform the repairs, and then we will dig the holes needed for the concrete piers. Your particular home may require that we add some water to these holes, however that is not always the case. We will then take and insert the concrete piers into the pre-drilled holes to the necessary depth that will ensure the safety of your specific foundation. These concrete piers will be layered one on top of the next until the exact height is reached. Approximately twelve feet is the minimum depth needed to minimize movement due to seasonal moisture changes, unless the system has been driven to bedrock at a lower depth. Once the concrete piers have been pressed, your foundation will be leveled using steel shims. Throughout this part of the process, one of our lead experts (who has a minimum of at least five years professional experience in the foundation repair field) will be in your home to oversee safety codes and processes, and clearly communicate to you. The final step is to remove the steel shims and then cover over the holes while replacing your vegetation as we found it.

Transferrable Lifetime Warranty

At Urgent Foundation Repair, our primary concern is your safety. This begins with your foundation and the clear communication of all necessary steps along the way to secure your home and bring you peace of mind. Because we are so confident in the excellence of the services we provide, we always offer a Transferrable Lifetime Warranty for all of our work.