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Foundation Repair in Dallas, TX

Choosing a commercial or residential Foundation Repair Specialist in Dallas, TX is an important decision. The foundation is the base of a building on which everything else is built so having a sound foundation is vital. If the foundation is not level, everything from the ground up can be affected.

When a home has foundation problems, it will cause widespread issues that are easily visible. You will start to notice cracks in your bricks or other areas of the house, doors or cabinets that do not close properly or gaps between your garage and pavement. These are signs that there is a much deeper problem that needs to be resolved and when you encounter one, you should call a reliable Dallas Foundation Repair company to inspect your home. When you are in need of a trustworthy foundation repair company in Dallas, TX, there is only one choice--Urgent Foundation Repair of Dallas, TX.

With over 40 years of experience serving the local Dallas-Fort Worth area, Urgent Foundation Repair knows how to get the job done right, the first time. Most foundation repairs we do, come with a lifetime transferrable warranty. Additionally, we take care to ensure that the cause of the foundation problems has been completely resolved. In many cases, foundation problems are caused by moisture--too much or too little, over an extended period of time. Plumbing leaks can be a common cause as can natural drying and erosion of the soil that surrounds the foundation. Either way, the cause needs to be found and fixed. A good Dallas Foundation Repair company will ensure that this is done.

Best Foundation Repair in Dallas, TX

Urgent Foundation Repair will come in and diagnose your foundation repair causes right away. Based on your situation, we can recommend the exact solution to your foundation problems including Concrete Slab and Pier & Beam repairs. Coupled with the actual repair of the foundation comes repairing the parts of the house that were effected by its unlevel foundation. Things to look for are wood, tile, windows and doors. We will re-caulk all of the areas that were effected and the repaired foundation will help re-align the mismatched surfaces that have been showing the foundation problems. When we are done, you will have a structurally and aesthetically sound home, from the base up.

When it comes to labor, we provide the best you will find anywhere in the foundation repair industry. All our crews are full-time professional foundation repair workers with a minimum of five years foundation repair experience, not sub-contracted help. Additionally, we ensure that there is always a responsible supervisor on staff-one who knows you, your home and your foundation. We also take utmost care in ensuring that your home is undisturbed -- any plants or landscaping that is in the way and needs to be moved, will be put back just as it was before we started.

Urgent Foundation Repair of Dallas, TX takes a home with serious foundation problems and turns it into a well constructed building with a perfect foundation. You will not believe the difference from before to after we have repaired your home's foundation. When you need quality Foundation Repair in Dallas, TX look no furher than Urgent Foundation Repair. By hiring us, you have an experienced, knowledgeable partner in the foundation game. We don't stop until your foundation is fixed perfectly and at a standard that is higher than what many new home builders maintain. We provide the best warranty, quickest service and highest quality foundation repairs.

Give us a call at 817-793-2811 where a local Dallas Foundation Repair Specialist will be ready to answer the phone and get you started down the path towards a foundation done right that is built to last, backed by a company that will warrant it for life.

Foundation Repair in Dallas, TX is done by the Dallas Foundation Repair Pro's! Urgent Foundation Repair aims to always provide value to its clients! Call us today and by the time your done talking to us, you will have more information and be better off than you were before you called! Urgent Foundation Repair - 817-793-2811 - For all your Dallas Foundation Repair needs!